The First Directive

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Stephen J. Chaudhry

A Little about me

Technical Sergeant Stephen Chaudhry was a team member of the Air Force Reserve Command’s 349th Memorial Affairs Squadron, located at Travis Air Force Base, California. He was responsible in part, for providing support to the largest Air Force Reserve Associate Wing in the nation consisting of nearly 3,500 people. The 349th AMW flies and supports the C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster lll and the KC-10 Extender weapons systems.

The First Directive

The primary directive dictated by the Secret Service is a sacred responsibility for the bodyguard defending the U.S. President. The bodyguard avoids confrontation. His responsibility is the safe evacuation of the protectee. He does not engage the threat. He does not use a weapon; he uses his mind, awareness, and training to get his client to safety, so for the bodyguard, weapons are not a consideration. Non-confrontation is!

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