What we do

“Give you a high degree of safety, security, and most importantly, peace of mind”

The First Directive

The primary directive dictated by the Secret Service is a sacred responsibility for the bodyguard defending the U.S. President. The bodyguard confrontation. His responsibility is the safe evacuation of the protectee.

Relevant Experience

  • Provided security for a California State Governor at the State Capital.
  • Assisted in security and as a personal bodyguard work for an NBA Professional Athlete.

Why do you need my protection?

  • Increasingly we live more and more dangerous world.
  • Enemies, fans, and jealous individuals can be unpredictable.

Client Testimonials

Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, Ca. 2007 (back stage security, crowd control, credential verification)

 Mike Bibby
Target-Roseville CA. Metro PCS-Roseville, CA. 2007 (bodyguard, crowd control, event security)

About Chaudhry the Name


CHAUDHRY pronounced (CHAUDREEY) Historically, this term literally means “a holder of four or owner of the fourth part.” It is a title indicating the ownership of ancestral land found in the South Asia area. It is often taken as a surname. It does not indicate a tribe, but rather a position held. 

In some traditions the term is said to have been derived from a title for a military commander. This military commander would control four different fighting forces, namely the navy, cavalry, infantry and elephant corps. The earliest reference to Chaudhry is from the 15th Century.