Things for the Blog-BSP Security and Stephen Chaudhry

Security and Stephen ChaudhryIn an industry filled with intrigue and mystery, the bodyguard and event security profession is rarely seen nor heard of in the local news with the exception of negative or bad publicity. We live in a world that spreads bad news like wild fire. Why? Because bad news sells! Take for example, Stephen Chaudhry, a certified bodyguard and event security consultant and professional, who was recently part of bad publicity by the local newspapers and internet articles. Every story has two sides. What we’ve seen in the news was only one side of the story. Rather than tell Stephen Chaudhry’s side of the sotry, we not only need to look into a his character, but his actions as well. Listed below are some accolades of Stephen Chaudhry:

Voted #1 Event Security in Yolo County more times than any other security company in the area.

#1 Security company that has successfully worked with local gangs and the homeless/transient population with documented progress.

#1 in developing a “Cash 4 Good Grades Program” with local Youth. When a youth shows me a report card, they get $5.00 per A and $4.00 per B.

#1 In being the only Veteran owned business in Woodland, serving 20 years in the Air Force Reserve and highly decorated for service over seas and special mentions for helping with the victims of 9-11.

#1 in being the only Security company whose goal is to make “Woodland the Safest City in America.”

#1 In being a trained bodyguard who has protected former Gov Arnold Swartznegger, Former Kings and NBA Player Mike Bibby, and Grammy Award Winner and singer Pit Bull.

Here’s a quote from the three time World Boxing Champion, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez about Stephen Chaudhry,

“I know something about making things happen. I know a thing or two about getting things done as well. It takes passion, not caring about popularity, and producing results to be a champion.

PASSIONATE: Stephen Chaudhry and the BSP Security Team are passionate about making things happen. When it take others 2-4 months or 2-4 years to make things happen in this community, Mr. Chaudhry and his team are getting it done in 2-4 weeks. It takes passion to make things happen!

POPULARITY: Mr. Chaudhry has a “3 Point Plan” to make ‘Woodland-The Safest City in America.’ And guess what? He is going to have his critics, lose some friends, be unpopular at times, and even get some threats on his life sometimes too! I told him BIG DEAL!! Get out there and just make it happen. I ran for Mayor of Sacramento, but he has no desire to run for Mayor even though he is asked often! That is cool. His place is on the streets, in the parks, and in the downtown keeping his community safe!

PRODUCING RESULTS: The BSP team are producing positive results….daily! At every venue and at every shopping center they work. Positive results! Whether it is working with the general public, the homeless and transients, or gang affiliated youth, positive things are happening! When the late, great, recording artist, Michael Jackson wrote the song ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’, I think he must have had Stephen Chaudhry in mind…because he is NOT stopping! Whatever this guy does in this city……I will be perfectly clear…I HAVE HIS BACK.”

Stephen Chaudhry, executive bodyguard and event security professional, is not a perfect man, but a man who perfectly loves his city of Woodland. His desire to protect and support his local community can be seen through his actions and his results. Just as Tony “the Tiger” Lopez said, Stephen Chaudhry will not stop until he makes Woodland, California the safest city in America.