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Rate Sheet Prices

#1 Low Level Risk: $25.-$35 per hour.*
# 2 Mid Level Risk: $35.-$45 per hour.*
# 3 High Level Risk: $ 45.-$55.per hour*.
# 4 VIP’s, Celebrities, Professional Athletes….:$55.-$255. per hour*

Risk Levels Explained

#1 Low Level Risk: There is a low probability of anything of a serious nature happening to the Client/Principal. The event or function they will be attending has had no recent problems or incidents of concern. Though the bodyguard still needs to be aware of his and the Client/Principal’s surroundings, there can be a semi-relaxed frame of mind for this environment. Non-confrontational conversations and the bodyguard simply being present is all that is needed as a deterrent. This gives the Client/Principal a adequate degree of comfort and safety to conduct business or partake in their daily activities.

#2 Mid Level Risk: Although there is a low probability of anything of a serious nature happening to the Client/Principal, there still are a few factors to be aware of and be cognitive of. The bodyguard is to note anything that looks out of place or doesn’t feel right. Caution is the name of the game. Using one’s eyes and ears the bodyguard is scanning for any sign of a disruption or disturbance and directs the Client/Principal in the appropriate direction for safety. There is no immediate known threat of danger, but the bodyguard still keeps alert for the possibility of concerns and then deal with it without the Client/Principal even being aware of it.

#3 High Level Risk: There are confirmed dangers that can delay or disrupt the Client/Principal and his daily schedule. Close personal protection is also necessary at all times. There have been threats made. There are known individuals who want challenge to the Clients/Principal’s routine or even bring him harm or death. The bodyguard is on high alert. He is ready to protect and defend the client with the necessary defensive measures. Other security team members maybe involved as well as law enforcement officers. Clear and concise communication is of utmost importance. Double and triple check all safety and security measures and confirm all individuals are where they are suppose to be doing what they are suppose to be doing. Working as a team is of utmost importance. Keep everyone calm and engaged in what is going on around them.

#4 VIPs, Celebrities, Professional Athletes,…. : The Client/Principal in this group must have special attention because of the category they are in. The bodyguard must keep in mind all the principals and techniques listed in the risk levels 1-4.

* These are “rate sheet” prices. The risk level analysis will be determined by the Primary Executive Protection Agent, Stephen J.Chaudhry. The final investment for your particular protection and security services will be put in writing for your special and individual needs. Food, housing, transportation, are not included in these hourly rates and may also be required.